Best way to Monitor M365 services on prem


We tried to utilize Splunk O365 plug in to better monitor alerts but quickly realized that Microsoft Throttles 'message trace logs'. It looks great and would give us better insight into the services we pay for. Reason being I need your feedback for a monitoring solution is today we have to go to several websites to obtain a picture of services that are impacting our production.

As well as the Admin portal. Out of the box the alerting from Microsoft seems to be lacking and seeing if anyone has come across a tool that works effectively instead of going to a multitude of websites please?

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If you only care about SHD/message center posts, you can collect those via API. If you want to check each individual workflow from your location(s), you will have to use a tool that generates some traffic/action across a given endpoint... and those are a lot. There are some third-party products, there's nothing that will cover each individual service within M365. Really depends on how granular you want to go.

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Is there a cost with SHD - API setup/integration and would you have a step by step whitepaper that goes over this setup in detail please?

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Here's a quick guide I wrote a while back:

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Is there a cost?

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No cost, as long as you have a valid O365 SKU.