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Best Way for Multiple User logins on a Shared Machine?

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Hi, we have a work team on a shared PC (Win10 Home Edition). On any given day, one team member logs in & uses Outlook (2019) to access their own email plus team emails (shared mailbox). 


Currently using a separate local a/c for each team member. This works OK & gives what we need. A team member is due to leave & two more need setting up. 


My question: Is there a better way to log in multiple people on a shared machine?

Other information:

- The current method works. Maybe that's my answer right there?

- Would Win 10 Pro upgrade make this easier? I'd have to justify the cost (about £120). 

- Login with MS accounts - we've had 'clashes' using MS Home/Work accounts with the same name.

I think this is a known issue? Would this be a better way to do it IF the clash issue could be resolved?-  


Any suggestions gratefully received!

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