Be able to schedule an account going blocked or deleted on a future date


This was something readily done in the old Active Directory Users and Groups tool but I can find no way to do it in either M365 Admin or the Azure Admin tools.  If I have missed these locations, please let me know.


This happens quite regularly for us due to a high volume of part time and seasonal users and remembering how to run some PowerShell script to do this (if one exists) is hardly customer friendly.


Thank you 



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You can still use the good old AD tools if you are syncing your objects from on-premises. For cloud-authored objects, there is no such functionality (remember that Azure AD is not a direct replacement for AD). As you mentioned, you can do it via PowerShell, Graph API is another options, Power Automate, Azure functions... there are plenty of options, just not a GUI one.

@Vasil Michev Thank you, as you will see from my post, I understood this and do not have any issue with the Active Directory tool.  Azure however is our primary directory, we are working hard to rid ourselves of local domains entirely.  Thus my query is solely about the availability of a user friendly tool to manage accounts beyond the very limited functionality provided in the web interface.


Scripts are not user friendly.  They are not simple and are not clear.  I would like an enhancement to the current 365 Admin web tool to allow this.  If you tell me that Microsoft is not prepared to do this, fine.  I will leave quietly, annoyed and disappointed.



I cannot speak on behalf of Microsoft, and the ones who can rarely venture into these boards. Best put it as idea over at UserVoice: