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I would like you to recommend me third party tools to backup Exchange Online. I've been googling and I found a lot, most of them similar. Can you help me with your experience?

Additionally, as I'm newbie in Exchange online, I would like to know how to protect configuration settings such as connectors and rules... (I mean the stuff that is not mailboxes, groups ... ) defined in the Admin. Center.


Thank you very much!


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We try to avoid naming specific tools here, as it quickly turns into a vendor spam fest. What is the business need for such a tool though? Disaster recovery/Business continuity is Microsoft's responsibility, and you can meet most compliance/regulatory requirements with the built-in Office 365 controls.

Thank you very much @Vasil Michev 


I understand about naming tools.
The need is to recover configuration/settings from human errors, for instance an admin user deletes something in the configuration of the rules or change a directive which affects the email, .... Of course I know that mailboxes, groups and this kind of data is protected by Microsoft default backup service, and in more extensive way by third party tools.
I've found Microsoft365DSC which can help to export Microsoft 365 configurations.




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Litigation/Retention policy can help with accidental deletions. You can also toggle "lock" so that even admins cannot a retention policy, but that's generally used only when you have specific regulatory requirements.