Backing up data and configuration from Microsoft lists

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Hello all, I'm looking at using Microsoft lists to various processes in my organisation and need to ensure there is a way to restore some of the data in case of user error :upside_down_face: What I'm looking for is:


  • An automated way to backup lists data (An automated flow that exports to excel might do the job)...
  • A way to backup the configuration of lists, i.e. alerts on certain cells, formatting etc.
  • Lastly, a way to also backup attached files.


Note: I've observed a difference between lists that are created directly from the lists app, and lists that are made on a sharepoint site: the latter can be accessed in a more "raw" format by entering site contents menu on the left. Could that be used for a backup?



Thanks in advance!

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There's not really a native backup but a Power Automate Flow can probably get the job done for you

 @SeanMcAvinue Power automate would work for the user data, but not configurations (conditional formatting, automation triggers and actions etc) - these can be just as important if you create a lot of automation rules. 

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For the configurations you could call a Azure Function or Automation Runbook to run some Graph calls or PowerShell to retrieve and copy the configuration. You can use the PnP module to get the list settings by connecting to the users OneDrive site or the SharePoint site depending on if it's a SharePoint List or Microsoft List (user Lists app). It's not ideal and you may not be able to get everything but that's the closest I think you would get right now.
Thanks for your reply, at least I have a direction to look further into :)