Automatically apply label to documents with Defender for cloud apps

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I have created a file policy in defender for cloud apps that is suppose to label all uploaded documents in a sharepoint library with an encrypted label called "Highly confidential". I cant use the default on sharepoint label as that only works with new or modified files and i am migrating multiple files into one library.


In the governance actions i have chosen "Apply sentitivity label - highly confidential" 

I tested with two files and can see them in the "view policy matched" field. They are both matched the policy but does not apply the label. Anyone know why?

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My guess is that it's just a delay. It usually takes several hours. When did you enable it and are the labels published?

Bear in mind you can use auto-labeling as well.


i did publish the labels two months ago so they are working fine. I checked today and can see the file policy matched my two files but nothing happened or changed. 

@toronto345 I set it up for verification yesterday and it works fine now when being uploaded to the specified library. You should read this article for some pointers Integrate Microsoft Purview Information Protection with Defender for Cloud Apps | Microsoft Learn