Automate editing PDF from Teams

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Our company is new to the 365 platform and I'm trying to find the best tool or way to accomplish the following:


A pdf file opened in Teams that can be edited by drawing on it.


For example, on a jobsite a pdf of a quote or invoice needs notes added quickly to it. This is done on an Android tablet now. The file is opened manually in a drawing program and the marked up with the tablet's pen. Usually it is printed out later. This needs to be integrated with our new processes using MS 365.


If a pdf is opened from Teams, it isn't editable. What I have found is that a SharePoint link inserted into OneNote as a file printout gets us access to the drawing tools we need but getting there is a multi-step process and doesn't update the file automatically in Teams.


I need something that allows the pdf to be clicked, opened wherever it can be drawn on, then synced with the original in Teams as simply as possible.


What is the best way to go about this? I'm a bit overwhelmed at all of the options with flow, PowerApps, Power Automate and which tool is capable of doing what we need. I have programming experience but am not sure where to start digging on how to automate this process.

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