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I am using the Outlook web app. Is it possible to create a rule that Auto Bcc's myself each time i send an email?

(The end-goal is to have each email i send appear in my main inbox.)


I was able to create a rule in the desktop version, but no success in the online app.

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Hi @Liamdm 


Instead of sending self email as BCC I would suggest you to move your sent email from sent folder to inbox, doing this you will save the space on your inbox drive.




Another way of handling is by activating conversation that group your sent & inbox email as per email subject.

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Hi @Faraz Shaikh 


Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to save a copy in both the Inbox and the Sent Items?




Hi @Liamdm ,

In the Outlook client application, I create a Custom Search Folder that is defined to include items in the Inbox and Sent Items, and I add it to my favorites. This gives me one "folder" to do my work in with Sent and Received mail items in it.

Alas, I haven't been able to create a Search Folder in the Web version of Outlook, so there I must go back to individual folders.

Good luck.

Use this freeware flow:



How about leveraging to create a forwarding rule in the Microsoft 365 Outlook Web App?

OWA doesn't allow you to create a rule that handles _outgoing_ emails.
And the "new" Outlook for Windows too ;(

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