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Hi all

I would like some clarification on archiving storage of an account with an O365 Enterprise E3 license. Auto-expanding archiving is turned on.

The current storage stats for the account look like this:


There is some large data in the main mailbox, but the 'Archive' folder is empty. Where is the 89.98GB coming from?

Also, the 'Recoverable Items' and 'Archive Recoverable Items' should me zero, as 'Deleted Items' and 'Recoverable Items' are empty, and retention policy is set to zero dates. Don't know how to empty this. Is there a way to do it through powershell?


Last question: I was told that the unlimited archiving for this license is under the 'In-Place-Archiving' tab. Is that for items under the entire tab, or just for whatever is within the 'archive' folder under this tab?


Thanks for your help


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The "archive" folder is not where you should look like, the Online archive is an additional mailbox "attached" to your primary mailbox and is usually displayed as a separate node in Outlook's nav pane. And Recoverable items stores more than deleted items, especially if the mailbox is on hold. That said, it also has a separate quote and is not counted towards the mailbox size.


So is it safe to move folders with large data to the in-place archive?

Is that the right place to utilize the unlimited archive feature?

Yes. Do note that you need to enable the auto-expanding archive feature first, as detailed in the documentation: