Archival of emails - Server vs Local

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Hello! I have been assisting one of our users with archiving emails. I have setup a data file to act as the archive and doing AutoArchive anything older than 2 years. 


While it cleaned up a lot of emails, it doesn't appear to be a big change in storage space.



After doing some looking around it looks like maybe it only archives Local data? We do have Cache all email on for the specific account:



I'm not sure what to do for Archive to look at "Server" info so we can move that data, assuming that is what the problem is.



Any help is appreciated!! I am also a global admin for Office 365 so if there is something on need to do in powershell or in the portal, I can.


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Can share the AutoArchive setting as well?

@Kidd_Ip  Hey! I think we are actually all set. When enabling the cache to do all data, it just must of took a few hours to start bringing it into local. I came in this morning and looked at the user's computer and the local file size had doubled over night and looks like it is still pulling information in. I started the AutoArchive process and already down to 93% server storage. TGIF, ill let it do its thing over the weekend and hopefully everything runs well. I will continue to monitor but think all is good now. Thank you for replying!

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Updating the offline cache took a bit to load in server data to local cache. Once loaded in, archive worked as expected.