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Hello guys,

I have a very general question, hopefully, some of you can give me some ideas/solutions:

What tool or tools do you recommend me to track my engineering team's handling of the Approval Drawings Processes, some of the tasks include: Approvals to be done, and once completed this drawing has to be sent to the customer, when the drawing is received back from the customer another task has to follow depending on the customer answer.

In the customer's answers, we can have the possibility that the document returned Approved as it is.  or it could come back approved as noted, if this is the case then the drawings need to be revised and re-submitted to the customer again, this cycle continues until the customer's full approval.

Every time the document travels from one stage to another a record of the dates is needed.

Not sure if a simple Microsoft list could do the job, with some automated email to/from.

Planner, Loop, List, Tasks. (I would like to stay with the 365 online solutions for an easy sharing/interaction with the team). Also, I would like to have the possibility of automating the task assignment and date stamped once the task is completed.

This is in my head, but probably there are better ways. 


Has any of you come to a good solution for this tracking and task assignment, and what tool are you using or if you could simply have a link to a good article/reference?


I would really appreciate any feedback on this.







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You may consider Power Automate or SharePoint Online for simple approval workflow