Applying Sensitivity Label Based on File Name

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Hi all,


I'm looking to apply sensitivity labels to a wide range of our files and have done some research into how best to do this. I've found that Office 365 file types (Word, Excel, etc.) are the easiest with integrated settings. There also seems to be a way to apply these labels to PDFs and other sensitive info types using Azure and PowerShell.


My question is whether (across each of these processes) there is a way to match a sensitive information type to the name of a file rather than its content. So even if the content doesn't contain the keyword(s), if the file name has a specific phrase, we could still mark it as sensitive.


Thank you, I'm grateful for any suggestions, experience, or resources that you've all found helpful!

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Hi @ZachMorrow - you should definitely check out Joanne Klein's post: She discusses how to do this based on keyword searches, metadata, etc. Hope that helps!