Apply sensitivity labels using PowerShell

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Is it possible to apply sensitivity labels to documents in SharePoint (not sites or groups) using PowerShell?

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@Niraj Tenany Can you share your approach? we are trying to use the same approach where find files with sensitivity label X and replace it with sensitivity label Y.



Here is an example:


# Define the folder path and label IDs
$folderPath = "C:\temp\fileswithlabels"
$currentLabelId = "<Current_Label_GUID>"  # Replace with the GUID of label X
$newLabelId = "<New_Label_GUID>"          # Replace with the GUID of label Y

# Iterate over each file in the folder
Get-ChildItem -Path $folderPath -File | ForEach-Object {
    $file = $_.FullName

    # Check if the current file has the target label
    $fileStatus = Get-AIPFileStatus -Path $file
    if ($fileStatus.LabelId -eq $currentLabelId) {
        try {
            # Apply the new label
            Set-AIPFileLabel -Path $file -LabelId $newLabelId
            Write-Host "Label changed for file: $file"
        } catch {
            Write-Host "Failed to change label for file: $file"


Requirement: AIPService Module for Powershell.   


@Vasil Michev I acknowledge that this is old thread.


I have 400+ local word docs that I need to apply label to.


I have done that via set-APIfilelabel cmdlet but when I open those docs in words , its not adding label to the header like it does if I was to manually open file and apply label.


Is there a way to user PowerShell to apply label and also display for word docs?