Any plans to make Microsoft 365 available under the non-profit program?

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As a non-profit, my organization has been the beneficiary of Microsoft's generous discounts and donations for many years now.  It really let's us stretch our IT dollars a lot further, empowering us to do more with less to help our organization support the people of our community.  Unfortunately, we occasionally encounter limitations to what products and services we can buy from Microsoft because they are only available with enterprise agreements or similar.  Windows Defender ATP, for example, is only available with Windows 10 Enterprise E5.  We have Win 10 Enterprise E3 and would gladly upgrade to E5 if we could, but it's not available to buy under an Open license agreement.  


Microsoft 365 seems like it could be a great way to make E5 level licensing available to non-profits, while also bundling together licensing for the other services we already subscribe to.  I asked around at Ignite, and at the time no one seemed to know whether M365 would be made available through the non-profit program.  Has there been any discussion of non-profit availability in the interim?

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I see E5 for non profits at $10 per user per month and MS 365 Business for $5.





Unfortunately, the E5 offer you shared is for Office 365, not Microsoft 365.  The other offer though is interesting, that wasn't available the last time I had looked.  We'd want Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans, probably E5, but if the Business plan is available, it seems like a good sign that Enterprise plans may be offered soon.  



As of today, I see that Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 are both available at non-profit pricing in the Office 365 Portal.  Yay!

Steve, not sure if you've talked with your Microsoft rep lately, but our non-profit just found out that there is now an Enterprise Agreement available for non-profits! We will be signing up shortly.



Steve what did you guys end up doing? We have had a terrible time and nobody seems to know what we are talking about. Every person i've talked to has told us we need to buy Windows E5 (even though like you we have E3 with the nonprofit discount). I'd love to just pay for a E3 to E5 step up or for ATP as an add-on.

Hi Steve, In my organization, I can buy Microsoft 365 F1, E3 or Business but no E5 under Nonprofit plans or Commercial plans. How did you get it ? Thank you
Unfortunately, I don't have good news for you guys. I didn't buy it at the time, instead waiting until we would be reviewing licensing renewals. About 2 months ago I went back into the portal to get more details, and the F1, E3, and business plans are available, but the E5 plan was no longer listed.

Since then I've tried repeatedly to email and call the Microsoft nonprofit sales dept, but they have been completely unresponsive. The phone number is answered by an auto attendant, and after a minute or so I get a recording that no one is available to take my call, and leave a voicemail. All email and voicemail messages I've sent have gone unanswered.

Another contact link from the non profit portal lead me to the CELA team, but they were also unable to reach non profit sales, and told me to contact office 365 support.

I have been at MS ignite this week, and spoke to a few people about this issue. At least a couple said that they would get back to me next week, and one told me to try something and reach out to him directly if it doesn't work. We'll see how next week goes.

I found this: "Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 also available through Enterprise Agreement only." on But E3 is available in the Office365 portal so... I don't know what to think.
Hi Steve, I spoke with a rep from Sherweb last week. They have access to resell nonprofit licences. I can buy a Microsoft 365 E5 licences for $20.50CAD by month, trough they services. Of course, he does not know why we can not buy licenses directly through the Office 365 portal ... Alex

Hi Steve,

as a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) we can offering Microsoft 365 E5 for 22,60 EUR with beginning of November 2018. It's a new price option.



Hi Steeve,

They are all availlable now for me. See the print screen.



Has anyone switched to M365 for non profits? I'd love to chat- we are considering it, but are scared if Microsoft changes anything down the line you are kind of stuck.....

Microsoft announced a number of changes to its nonprofit donations and discount programs in november 2018. The most significant change was the Azure donation that drop from 5000$ to 3500$ /year. But I think it was the first time there were any changes in the program. In contrast, Office 365 offers have been continuously enhanced since I became aware of this program. This is not a reason not to enjoy it. And other giants offer nonprofit programs if those of Micorosoft no longer suit you...