Anti-Spoofing Protection & MailChimp

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We use MailChimp to send out campaign emails to thousands of people, a lot of which are part of our internal organization.  We have SPF, DKIM set up, and it appears they are passing, but the anti-spoofing protection sends about half of the emails to the Junk folder in our user inboxes.  There doesn't seem to be any consistence to it either.


I have found in the message headers

...compauth=fail reason=601



What am I missing here?

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@DMcGehee Hi, did you include MailChimps servers to your SPF record? 

@Pavel Otych 


We do have the TXT records in the domain for SPF.  There are no CNAME records for DKIM.  Could that cause this?


TXTgxxxxxxxn.comv=spf1 -all3599

@DMcGehee The record seems to be correct based on MailChimp documentation at Also the ( is part of the IP range specified at MailChimp servers ( so SPF check shouldn't be failing.


Hard to say really. Try adding the DKIM records + signing, it could help. Also, I suggest you add a DMARC record.  However, there doesn't seem to be much more you can do about it.