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We just started looking at the new Microsoft Search for Office 365 capability as announced recently during the Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference. Its great we finally have a single place to search across all Office 365 including or main ask from customers in having both Yammer and Team conversations included.  

During our initial testing (still early) we have heard feedback around the exclusion of internet results. With Bing for Business you get both internal and external.  Not sure we found a way to only surface Office 365 results from our tenant and not internet results.  If someone knows if this is possible let me know.

We did see also the would be getting its search bar/experience so in theory we could try searching for all O365 content there rather than going to  Has anyone been able to test search from (we don't seem to get the search field).  Thank you!

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You have to wait until it hits your tenant(s)