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I did an audit on a share mailbox for non owners to count how many sent emails there was from this inbox. This audit do not include any of the emails that the inbox had received and i wonder how i could find out how many emails a shared mailbox has received during a period of time.

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That depends on the details. If you are interested in mail flow "receive" actions, best run a message trace. If you count copied/moved/created items as well, compliance search/eDiscovery for specific time period should do.

No it's only the amount of emails that the mailbox received that is of interest.

A message trace on the share inbox for more then 10 days will get med the following error:

Invalid StartDate value. The StartDate can't be older than 10 days from today.

Is there not way to extend this for like a 30 day time ?

Use the "historic" trace option. Or just do it from the UI.

@VasilMichev is it possible to get reports from more than 90 days ago?