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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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All Emails purged after running Compliance command except those in "top of information store" Folder

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Hello Tech Folks,

We have received a request to delete some items(Email Messages] from EXCHANGE.

According to this guide, I created my content search and ran it [ STEP1]

Then as STEP2: I  connected to Compliance & Security Center in PowerShell as Admin, and ran New-ComplianceSearchAction -SearchName "ABC_004_22_2" -Purge -PurgeType SoftDelete
[ I ran this command atleast 10 times ]

Once I get the status via:

Get-ComplianceSearchAction  -Identity 'ABC_004_22_2_Purge' | Format-list


It shows the task has been completed...

Name SearchName Action RunBy JobEndTime Status
---- ---------- ------ ----- ---------- ------
ABC_004_22_2_Purge ABC_004_22_2 Purge Fadavinia, Ali 2021/05/18 9:26:29 PM Completed

Now my question is here:
I exported the results - all items deleted but not a few items residing in "top of information store" folder.

How can I get those items deleted in that folder aswell? Should I be worry about items sitting there? 

Trying to understand why those few remaining items aren't being purged?!

Thanks for your input
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