AI Builder Licensing Shock


Hi All, I just finished building a Business Card Scanner app in PowerApps using the AI Builder model and it works great. I then showed it to my work colleagues and they all want it. However, when they scan a card they get an error saying that they have reached the AI Builder capacity for the app and to contact their admin. Which of course is me.
When I then go and investigate I discover I have to buy AI Builder capacity for $500 a month!!! Has anyone else hit this brick wall to innovation? I can't justify this cost for just 5 users. Very disappointed.

The app I built almost had the user adoption in my company at 100% but the $500 per month is too hard to swallow for an app that adds convenience and would only be used once in a while.
I do hope Microsoft are going to revise these extortionate licensing fees for AI Builder and Powerapps in general.

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