Advanced "addressbook" within sharepoint allowing external users to enter their own details

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This is my first post so I hope I am doing all this correctly.


I have recently purchased the 365 E5 part of 365 for my property business. I am now wanting to import all my contacts into sharepoint and I have done this through a list. However these contacts have many other fields such as location / where we met / Financial situations - which excel has been used in the past to store this. Now I have my list I want to be entering new clients into this but I want to send the new clients a 'form' or 'app' of some-sort that they can enter themselves therefore freeing up more of my time. But I don't want them to access any of my data.


In an internal situation I would probably set-up a canvas app if this helps.


Hope someone can help me - I am very much a newbie to 365 automation but use it day to day for storage and emails etc.




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So for people that are interested I have done some research and I am now trialing the below:

I have set up a list with lots of fields
I have set up a form with the same fields
I have shared the form by a link to some trial email addresses that I can fill out - I then have filled it out and completed the form.
I'm not going to set up a power automate to take the data from the form and upload it into the list.

Ill let you know how it goes. However, if anyone looks at above and thinks this is a long way or the wrong way please let me know. thanks