Admin Portal and Office Portal are unavailable

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Dear Microsoft Tech Community,


I cannot access, nor (screenshots attached). I am unable to ask for direct help from Microsoft as I am the sole administrator and the backup administrator is currently unavailable.


I tried the usual things, such as:

  • clearing cache
  • switching browsers
  • changing device
  • using different Internet access (& IP)

None of them helped. If you have a suggestion on what should I do, please tell me so.




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@ivan-ivanka if this issue persists you can connect with a Microsoft agent through Office portal.Sign in to using your credentials.At the bottom left you should two different button,"Feedback" and "Need help?".Click on the "Need help?" and input your issue this would help raise a support request to Microsoft support sr.PNG

@ivan-ivanka Also you can raise a support request to Microsoft by dialing one of the numbers in the link