Admin page blank in office 365 for both company accounts

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This seems to have been a common issue using 365 but I've tried to resolve by opening in incognito and using bing so no browsers are working. 


Just to recap - I'm trying to set up MFA and need to access admin to do this but when clicking on the admin app I just get a blank screen. 


Any help appreciated - using windows 10. 



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No issues here, if you are still seeing this best call support:
In the meantime, you can try performing the action via the Azure AD portal instead.

@Vasil Michev OK thanks - I've tried it on 2 different Microsoft accounts and not working on either. 


Not sure what Azure is but I'll take a look. 

Also the link says to start by going to the admin centre - cheers though
Perhaps you should scroll down to the Phone support section? :)

@LeeMR22 I have the same problem, tried three different Browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and nobody in the help centre could help me. I cant access anything on my account having just purchased it, or add domains or anything else.

I have tried this, they couldnt help.