Adding DL to shared mailbox

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Can anyone explain me that it is possible to add a Distribution list created in cloud to a shared mailbox created in Exchange.

Thanks in advance.

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Depends on what you understand by "adding" it? In general cloud-created objects will not be visible by on-prem Exchange, but if you are referring to email delivery, there might be a workaround or two.

What are the work arounds? 


I have a group that was a DL, then changed to security group. It was on premise, then migrated to the cloud. We have decided to restrict who can send email to this group, but I'm not able to add one account. It is a shared mailbox. 
Is there a work around to get this shared mailbox added to the delivery management list? 

Is the shared mailbox cloud or on-premises?

Is the DL cloud or on-premises?


It's kind of hard to work things out when an incomplete picture is given...

Sorry for the delay (the reply went to a mailbox I don't normally check).
But we have a hybrid environment. The shared mailbox is in the cloud, the DL is on premise. I was able to get this accomplished using this command on my hybrid server:
Set-DistributionGroup -Identity "DL-NAME" -AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom @{add="SHARED-MAILBOX"}



Nearly 6 years later and this is just the thing I was looking for.