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adding acquired company to existing O365 Tenant

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Our Company A (Hybrid AD) acquired Company B (Entra ID Only and Azure environment) with less than 50 users.


We want the company B users to continue to use their domain with Company A 0365 environment but not migrate them to our AD. Company A uses Okta as IdP/SAML and we would also want Company B users to Okta for SAML as well.


This is the first time I'm having to do this. Where do I start? What's the first step should I take to do this. Do I create a trust in Azure? Thank you

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The multi tenancy might be an option for you: Plan Multi Tenancy 

It's still in preview but take a look at it anyways. The technology used is Cross Tenant Synchronization that pulls users from source tenant to destination (or visa versa), this means that (all or selected users) would be synced as either member or guests however you like it to be. Cross synced users will now be able to collaborate in Company A's resources if allowed :)


To use this feature you have to set the org updates to: Targeted Release


I hope you achieve your goal even tho this might not be the answer!