Add URL warning to all emails

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At work here - after being hit with several phishing attempts...a couple of which were successful - the IT manager would like to add a warning to all emails that have a URL embedded in them, whether they originate from outside the organization or not.


Is there any way to do this in O365.  We have already configured O365 to add a warning to emails that originate outside our domain, but I don't see anything in the mail transport rules that specifically allows you to configure warnings in the email has a URL in it.


Is this possible and what do I need to do to make it happen?  Is there a PowerShell command that will do what the Exchange Admin Center won't?

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Safe links are your best bet here. In case you dont have the appropriate license to use them, you can try creating a Mail flow rule with a regex condition to detect any URLs in the body/subject of email, but that wont stop users from clicking them :)



Thanks both of you....I think you've pointed me in the right direction.  I'll need to dig a bit deeper on this to figure out how to configure it.