Add the Recording Tab to PowerPoint Not Working

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We are trying to figure out how to add the Recording tab as mentioned in the article from Microsoft regarding Migrate your content from Office Mix. Specifically the section titled "How do I turn on the Recording tab in PowerPoint?". We do not see the option to add the Recording tab on our PowerPoint installations (16.0.4266.1001) on campus. However, PowerPoint installed on home installations through Office 365 has this option.


Is there an option to make the Recording tab available in the campus installations so that our faculty can utilize the Recording tab when working with content in PowerPoint?


Any assistance would be appreciated.




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Does anyone have any information about this issue? Trying to figure out how to add the Recording tab on our Office installation at work.


What update ring are you on? You can check by selecting File > Account in any Office application. You may need to be on the Current or Insider rings as opposed to the Deferred ring in order to see the Recording tab.


Thanks! We are on 16.0.4266.1001 which is part of our campus installation. I read on another forum that might be the issue that we are not installing the Office 365 application but instead using a campus installation. This seems odd to me that they would not have the same options for both knowing that Microsoft is pushing the suite to not only computers on campus but also for use at home by faculty, staff, and students.

I am not sure I found the exact "update ring" you are referring to so if you are not looking for 16.0.4266.1001 as for the version, let me know and I will check again.

Thank you!

I have tried to flag this elsewhere on other forums but not got clarity. I work with a range of education institutions across the UK and the standard installation of Office 2016 using Professional Plus which the IT department deploy. I'm not yet sure of the update cycle of this but it is way behind the version of Office that can be installed by a user from the web portal which is updated monthly called Office 365 ProPlus. This means these institutions don't have the Recording tab and they're not sure when they'll get it. I did find this link that describes how an an organisation can do a device based installation of ProPlus but it appears at least when the blog was written it is not supported outside of the US



Thank you! This is helpful. This goes along with what I have found on other discussion forums, but no one stating clearly that this is the case. As it appears this is true, this is going to cause us issues on our campus as we have a lot of our faculty who were using this process and now it is being replaced with a process we cannot use on our campus. Not good!




John I'm wondering if your IT Department can put users who need the Recording tab into an administrative group with a different Office release channel. Our organization typically has users under the Deferred channel, which puts them about 6 months behind on feature updates. But I'm on the Office Insider channel, so I get the updates as they are being rolled out. It should be pretty easily configurable by Group Policy.



Thank you for the suggestion. I forgot to mention I am in the IT department. :) The issue we have is that our instructional trainers have told the campus about Office Mix to the campus and now they are trying to figure out what to tell instructors that are using Office Mix or would like to switch over to the new. So, we have a mix of users who have been using it for a while and then possibly new faculty that will need to use it too.


I believe the issue we had when we tried installing the install from Office 365 is that we could not control the updates. So, we went back to the OEM version so we could control updates. I will talk to our instructional designer to see if it would make sense to move those individuals who are currently using Office Mix and need the Record tab to the Office 365 install. I am just afraid there might be too many.


Thanks again for the suggestion and the reply. If you come across anything else regarding the Record tab, please let me know.




We are in the same boat, here is my suggestion. If you still have the OfficeMix install file, couldn't you continue to install the Mix add-in and use it as normal? You just wouldn't be saving/sharing the mix files through Office Mix but instead through Stream as that is its replacement?

We have been allowing faculty to do the O365 install from their own five install limit to install on their campus computer which allows for the offered solution from Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will eventually allow the recording tab in Enterprise.

Were you able to access the Recording Tab?


We have instructors at our University that have used Office Mix and now want this recording tab.  We are using PowerPoint 16.0.4639.1000 and this feature is still not available.


Which version release should have this feature?

I had it previously, but I recently reinstalled PowerPoint and just noticed it wasn't visible. Try selecting File > Options > Customize Ribbon, and see whether the Recording tab is just hidden. I had to check the box to display it, but now it's there. I'm running build 1803 (9112.2004 Click-to-run), which is an Office Insider build.

Most of the commands on Recordings can be found in other areas of the ribbon. Record Slide Show is on the Slide Show tab; Apps and Quizzes is really just a shortcut to a filtered view of My Apps on the Insert tab; Screenshot, Screen Recording, Video, and Audio are all on the Insert tab; and Save as Show, Export to Video, and Publish to Stream are all on the File tab.


The only way we have been able to get this feature is to uninstall the enterprise version and then install from the faculty members Office 365 log on the O365 Office suite installation. Basically, this gives them the ability to have the Record Tab. The Enterprise version, which we install on all campus computers, does not have this feature or even ability to add it through the customize ribbon.


Thank you for the update.  We have the Enterprise version on our campus as well.  The tab is not even hidden and available to add to the ribbon.  The administration doesn't want to use O365 for managerial reasons which I am not privy.  MS should have provided an alternative function before fully removing the feature.  I appreciate your input.

Thank you for the feedback.  Maybe I have to create some documentation for the faculty on the procedure to create custom tabs and add the commands.  Would you happen to know if a PowerShell script exists somewhere to accomplish this?

I would definitely appreciate if anyone has a solution for automating the addition of the "Recording" tab the main menus prior to imaging devices.  Right now we are installing Office Click 2 Run on our school board devices but then teachers/students need to manually add the Recording tab.  Hoping to have it appear for all like we could do in past with the Office Mix tab.

If I hear of another way to do this process, I will let you know. It sounds as though until Microsoft changes, this is the way it will have to be done.

Thanks John. If I learn further I'll post here as well.
Has anyone tried this yet?

The articles says it applies to Powerpoint 2016 as well as 365 so it could be a solution for those of us using Enterprise.

Definitely going to share with our admin - thanks for sharing!