add sub-domain for Microsoft 365 while domain use for google mail

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Hi All, is now being use for Google mail.


I would like to use M365 to serve another segment of their business, but the custom domain on M365 will be a sub-domain, i.e subdomain.<domain>.com.

So email address will be user@subdomain.<domain>.com instead of user@<domain>.com for those on M365 Email Exchange.


Would like to check if it is possible to use sub-domain for custom domain in M365 while the main domain being used now in Google mail?


No change for the Google mail, the user@<domain>.com email will still goto google mail.


Would also like to check if the domain (sub-domain in this case) verification process will be the same for customer using sub-domain?


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It's possible, and the verification process is the same. You can also verify the parent domain, but dont configure it for use for any O365 services (and obviously dont touch the MX record), which makes it easier to add additional subdomains later on.

@Vasil Michev 
I have the same thought, but did you try this before?

Yes I have, as have many other organizations :)

@Vasil Michev 


I'm not sure this is right place to ask for help, but is there any way to let subdomain users can use Powerapps?


i.e domain_name.[my_org_domain] users.


Thank you!