Add name pronunciation to user profiles in 365

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Is it possible to for a user to record the correct pronunciation of their name and save it with their profile so it is accessible to others in the organisation.

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Hi Nathalie, do you prefer an audio file or just a transcription?
Audio would be great

@Victor Ivanidze Do you have specifics on how to do this in outlook and how to then hear other peoples names? 

Hi @KatieStonePerez,

before I'll try to answer, could you please explain what exactly do you want to achieve?

@Victor Ivanidze Is it possible for an O365 user to make an audio recording of the pronunciation of their name and have it accessible to everyone else, similar to how it's done on Linkedin profiles? The link you provided shows how to turn on and off fields in Delve but there doesn't seem to be an option to turn on or off the addition or editing of a name pronunciation audio recording. Unless I missed it?

I am surprised O365 doesn't have this feature yet? Also please add the ability to mention He/She to the user profile.

I am surprised, none of the Microsoft employees never thought about this as their colleagues are spread around the world and the first thing they ask in a meeting is "Am I pronouncing your name correctly?"

@NatalieT thank you for posting this. It would be a wonderful feature to increase inclusion and belonging. I am giving your post another like, hoping we can get this to rise to the top of Microsoft development roadmap!



I support this feature too. LinkedIn has it.  @meltse 

Head over to the Microsoft Feedback Portal and upvote this feature, this post has the most votes: