Add customers individually to bookings

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I am a school counselor and I use bookings for two main things. First, I allow students to schedule their own counseling appointments with me through bookings and attend virtual teams meetings. This is great for their online at home learning during the pandemic. Second, I have my teachers schedule student assistance team meetings through bookings as well. In this case, I need to be able to then send an invite to the student and their parents as well as any other specialists who might need to attend such as an outside therapist or our school psychologist. I wish that there was a way for me to manually enter these people into the booking, but I have found the only workaround to be to delete the booking and reschedule it in teams which is a pain. I also have some teachers who want to be able to schedule counseling appointments on bookings for students but again they are not able to without getting on that student's account which we are not allowed to do for obvious reasons. 

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