Add Banner if the Sender and returnpath is different

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Hi Everyone, Is there a option to check Sender and returnpath is different of a mail and add a banner in mail ? I dont see any transport rules for this.

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In Exchange Online, there is no built-in option to directly check if the sender and return path of an email are different and add a banner to the email based on that condition. However, you can achieve this using other methods such as using mail flow rules and a third-party tool.

Here are two possible approaches:

  1. Mail Flow Rule:
    • Create a mail flow rule (also known as a transport rule) in Exchange Online to add a banner to the email if the sender and return path are different.
    • In the mail flow rule conditions, you can check for specific criteria like the sender's email address and the return path.
    • In the mail flow rule actions, you can add the banner or modify the email to include the desired banner content.
    • However, it's important to note that checking the return path in a mail flow rule may not always be reliable, as some email systems may modify or remove the return path during email delivery.
  2. Third-Party Tool:
    • Consider using a third-party email security or compliance tool that integrates with Exchange Online to add banners or modify emails based on specific conditions.
    • These tools often provide advanced rule-based configurations and can check multiple email attributes, including the sender and return path, to apply custom actions such as adding banners.

When implementing either approach, keep in mind that modifying email content or adding banners may impact the email's appearance and could potentially trigger anti-spam filters or affect the deliverability of the email.

Before implementing any mail flow rules or using third-party tools, it's recommended to carefully evaluate and test the changes in a controlled environment to ensure they meet your requirements and do not have any unintended consequences on your email system.

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