Add a shape to Favorites in Microsoft Visio Professional 2019

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One would think this would be a relatively simple procedure, or at least the answer would be available with a web search. However, multiple web searches yielded no results. All of the results told me to right-click, which does not provide any information on how to add the shape to Favorites, unless I'm missing something.


I'm using Microsoft Visio Professional 2019. I want to add a shape to Favorites, under My Shapes.


That way, I'll be able to locate shapes quickly.


I am unable to find any documentation about how to perform this procedure.

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If you select it on the stencil, not the drawing, you should be able to select the "add to my shapes" > My Shapes > Favorites. Make sure you are clicking on the shape in the stencil. Does that help?


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@Chas Burdick Yes, this works. Now I understand how to get a shape into Favorites.


Here is why this approach counterintuitive and makes the user experience more difficult:

  • There are many shapes in many submenus in Visio
  • I typically drag many shapes onto the page
  • Once a shape is on the page, there is no way to determine which stencil it came from
    • At least, I am not able to determine which stencil a shape came from
  • If you are not able to determine which stencil a shape came from, it is therefore impossible to add it to your Favorites
  • The only logical solution is to add every shape you think you might want to Favorites, and subsequently delete unneeded shapes
    • This is obviously counterintuitive and difficult

Any shape on a page should be able to be added to Favorites without having to reverse direction and attempt to remember which stencil it came from.