Activity Alerts that do not send messages

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I have, many times, set up Activity Alerts in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to send alerts to channels in Microsoft Teams.
In a tenant that I now work in, these Activity Alerts do not send any alerts. In this specific case, it is an Activity Alert that is to be sent to a channel (using the email address of the channel) when a Team is deleted. I have tried disabling and re-enabling it. I have also tried to create a new Activity Alert but it does not work either. Does anyone else experience this and have a solution to it?


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@Magnus Goksøyr  Normally this should work as aspected but have you tried setting up any email or distribution list to check if you get any alerts at all or not.


since I am not sure if your Teams channel is receiving emails as posts.




Since all email sent to channel are handled by a "shadow" tenant, sort of a black box, it's very likely that those messages are simply being blocked. You can run a message trace just in case, but it can only tell you whether the message hit your tenant, there is no way to see if and why it was blocked as part of said "shadow" tenant processing.