Achievements Systems for user education & involvement.

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This idea comes from the user training space, and I'm sure it's not a new idea. I am also sure the implementation of this would be a massive task with all the hooks etc.


Essentially I would like to see an achievement system similar to xbox live for a multitude of different tasks in different M365 applications. Even earning generated titles would be great, "Defender" - Reported 50 SPAM emails etc.

tasks could include

-Post a message in Teams

-Host a live event in Teams

-Add a contact in Outlook

-Share a file from OneDrive and so on

- Successfully creating & running a flow 


Once that is in place there are 2 other pieces which I think would be important.

if a user wants to learn how to do something, they could search for the task > links to help > and then they could see "bob.bobertson has completed this before", then users can ask each other and the organisations can self generate champions of different aspects. "sally.mae is your organisations leading outlook specialist!"


We could also run a report to see who has achieved certain actions, which would be great for PL/PD and getting an overview of the organisations IT competency (especially thinking schools and identifying utilisation)

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You could potentially use the Champions Management Platform in it's latest version to do this?