Access right for external members in Teams

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Hi, I would like to know if and when the Teams roadmap plans extended access right settings for external members, so, for example to prevent that externals can see certain files? Our scenario is that we collaborate with an external agency in a project. Today we have two platforms to organize the project, one platform for the collaboration with the agency, and a second platform to organize purely internal and confidential files about the project that only internal Team members are allowed to access. Thanks and best regards, Sandy
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Yes, there will be the so called “private channels” feature rolling out next month!
You can do this today

As the owner of the Team simply go to a Team Channel > Files, click open in SharePoint and in the SharePoint site amend the access permissions of visitors on folders or the files themselves. So guests will not even see certain folders or files.

A blog which shows how to edit such permissions is here -

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Hi Christopher,

thank you for your answer.
This applies only to file tabs in a channel? Whereas the solution Adam mentioned above applies to all kind of channels and all tabs within?

Best regards, Sandy