Access DB and Form Fill using CSV?

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My team works off of lists that are printed out weekly and give the same pieces of information (ie. Building / Room / Rack# / Blade (if applicable) / Fuel Type / Serial Number) for different pieces of equipment each time.  They generated from a DB kept in MS Access.  These lists are then used to address preventative maintenance of equipment.  We fill out a new form for each piece of equipment when we get on site and begin the work.  It is possible to export this list as a CSV.


I'm wondering if it would be possible to use this information to generate the forms with the header information filled out ahead of time.  There are two forms one for the rack then another for each individual blade within the rack.  The rack header asks for Building, Rack #, and Rack SN.  The blade asks for Building, Rack#, Blade ID, Fuel Type, Blade SN, Blade control SW version.  In the end I'd like to leave the SN and SW information blank to ensure they are updated manually on site.  The other information I'm hoping to pull in and populate the header of however many sheets there are lines on the master list.

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@John_Hawkins_SPS This sounds like a development question, want me to have a look at it?

@BellsITMelb57 thanks for the reply!  My concern with having someone outside the company work on this is whether or not there would be a charge that would be incurred and I'm not sure I can give out the database and its information.  Is this something that training could be provided for?