About the Optimize, Allow, Default categories of Microsoft 365 URL and IP address ranges

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This is a question when making a local breakout based on the Office365 json file.


In the following cases, the global IP of the sender will be different from Office365 side. Is it possible to access office365 without any problem?

-The client accesses O365 via gateway 1 (global IP1) to the "Allow" and "Default" categories.
-To access the "Optimize" category, access O365 via gateway 2 (global IP2).
-On the Office 365 side, both global IP1 and 2 are allowed.


Will O365 not deny access even if the source IP address is different?


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There should be no issue with this as long as the IPs aren't geographically distant, then you may see issues with "impossible travel" etc.