About client app's support for subscription contracts

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Customers usually receive support through sub-processors.

Our company has a Microsoft 365 subscription agreement through a vendor.


Microsoft 365 Customer support in Japan does not accept support for client apps.

I asked the Japanese sales operations manager about the scope of support for client apps.


The reply is as follows for Japanese sales operations manager.(Original is Japanese)


Sub Processor client app's support for subscription contracts that

criteria is installation or setup only.

Therefore, in the following cases, they will be judged as out of their support.
(1) A bug that occurred in the behavior of the application after updating the Office desktop application.

(2) Confirmation request regarding a possible bug in the Office desktop application.

I understand that the sub-processor’s support range is based on the contract with Microsoft.

However, I think there is a gap between the scope of outsourcing and the scope of actual licenses.

This script, despite no responsibility to the user, guides the user to paid support or to buy packaged product again.

Customers have a subscription contract because they want to use the client app.

However, I do not think that it is like the above support.

Please tell me the support range of client application based on Microsoft term?

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It seems that the content cannot be judged by the sub-processor, and I could not get a clear answer, so I am asking here

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