A little Youtube help on O365 authentication

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Hello !


I just wanted to share with you some videos I just made to help people understand a little better O365 authentication systems : 



My point was :

  • As a technical guy I can find a lot of very specific / detailed materials about O365
  • As an end user, you can find tutorials about how to use final O365 applications
  • But I think there is a lack of intermediary explanations for beginners IT pros / architects

So everything is not completely accurate, and feel free to correct everything you see fit in commentaries, but I hope it will help a little understanding the big picture about all these subjects ;)


Present today :

  1. Online auth
  2. Federated auth
  3. Remote access
  4. Security considerations about remote access
  5. Multi factor auth
  6. Users sync
  7. DNS overview
  8. DNS configuration for O365 auth
  9. User Principal Name attention points

Coming soon :

  • Basic auth considerations
  • Pass-through auth
  • MFA advanced features
  • Conditional access
  • and why not EMS, Azure B2C ... sky is the limit :D

See you !



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