A few problems with Bookings permissions

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we are trying to make holiday reservation system through Bookings in our company. But here are a few problems:

1) There is no permission that you'd be able to view everything and edit only own bookings (Viewer can view everything, Scheduler can edit everything, Team member - can edit own bookings but can't see anyone else :( )

So this permissions problem leads to another problem (which is more like a bug, but not a feature, because it occurs in new Bookings version).

2) When you select/deselect some booking in calendar and then press New booking (or Add time off) - it shows last selected booking. So in such case, when all users are Schedulers (to be able to see others and add new bookings (reserve holidays), accidentally they edit/delete other bookings.


So my question, is there any solution to solve these problem? Or should we move to other solution (not Bookings) to make our shared "holiday calendar"?

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