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One of our clients raised an issue with us last week that when they open their browser ( IE 11) which is set to open their Office 365 TeamSite as their homepage, they experience "Page not Found" error.  If they hit F5 or close the browser and open again, the TeamSite appears and functions perfectly for the rest of the day, but the issue occurs again at the start of each day when they first open the browser.  This has been an issue now for about a week.


Our own TeamSite is of similar design to this client in that is of the classic (not modern) SharePoint TeamSite.  Over the last couple days, we too are experiencing this isue, with a variety of browsers (IE, Chrome (default browser), Firefox and Edge.  Again, if we hit F5 or refresh the browser, the TeamSite appears and functions as normal.


We tried clearing browsing cache and also flushing DNS, but this doesn't seem to resolve the issue.


This issue isn't apparent for us or our client on any other URL than the Office 365 TeamSite.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you can reliably reproduce it, open a support case. Especially if it acts the same across different browsers. Just to be on the safe side, I'd recommend testing from outside of the company network, if possible.

Seems that the issue is isolated to Google's Chrome browser.  We can replicate the issue on several devices including laptops at different locations on differing ISP's using differing DNS servers.  We can't replicate it however on any other browser than Chrome.  Likewise, Chrome doesn't have this issue with any other site than our Office 365 Teamsite.


We'll see what the next update to that browser brings.  As it stands, Chrome only needs one refresh and the Teamsite loads.

I am seeing the exact same thing. But not only with chrome, but also with Edge and I am seeing this on multiple tenants with multiple Clients. Looks like it is an issue with SPO and not the clients.

Well, without making any changes, the issue hasn't been evident now for over a week.  All team members are accessing the TeamSite first time, every time, regardless of which site they are at.  So not sure where that issue was, but seems to be back to normal now.

@Chris Lilley 

It is very easy to fix this issue,open internet explorer->open internet options->tick all TLS 1.0,1.1,1.2,1.3,SSL 3.0 apply and click OK,know check it will work.