365 whitelist from being quarantined as malware

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Greetings. I am looking for some assistance with allowing a few specific external senders as their emails keep getting blocked in quarantine as “Malware” and these senders are already allowed in the anti-spam policy.


When I release the email to the intended recipient, I do report the message to MS for a false positive and wait for 30 days, but it is not effective. Just today, I had to send email from one sender three times.


I have tried creating a transport rule, but the only option there is to skip spam filtering, but there is nothing to skip malware detection.


How can I allow a sender so that no emails from them get blocked in quarantine due to malware?

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I opened a case with 365 support and they confirmed there is no way to do this. 

That only works for spam/phishing emails, not malware as mentioned in the blue box in that link


Messages that are identified as malware* or high confidence phishing are always quarantined, regardless of the safe sender list option that you use. For more information, see Secure by default in Office 365."