365 Project issues

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I have a client that uses 365 for Office, Mail, Project and multiple users.


We had to reload a windows system with win 10 and all went well,  reloaded Office with no issues and Project would not load.   Tested the user profile and on other systems and it would not load either.  So not hardware or Windows setup.  Other profiles of same company reload Project no issue so proved it to be a 365 cloud profile issue.   


Called 365 support.  have now tested with 5 techs.  always trying to prove it is my hardware or setup.   wasted many hours with these guys .  Have to get grumpy to get a manager assigned who states I will give daily updates.   That was a week ago and no updates.  This user has not had Project now since April 9th.   ZERO support and no where to turn too .


Does anyone have any suggestions of who to ask for escalation as I am getting no where .  We have been down for almost a month and support does not care.    No support or customer care line at Microsoft to call and calling the help desk just starts it all over again and get no where..


I hope Microsoft management reads this and I will be pleased to hear from them as their product support really stinks when there is a real problem in their network..








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