365 Group Email for Orders

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I will try to explain this as best I can. I am looking for a solution to what seems like a simple problem.


At our company we have an orders@companyemail that is a 365 Group with members so that each member can receive the email. This is great for our CSR members to all see the same emails come in, the issue is that we need to find a way to know when an "order/email" is being worked on by a specific team member.


Currently there are 3 members in the group and neither one knows when another is working on a specific order that has come in VIA the email address. I was going to combat this by creating folders in the group email; allowing them to move an email into their specific folder. Sadly you can not do this in Group Emails. 


All of our customers submit orders to this address, any suggestions/solutions will be tested!


Thank you!

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