2 365 accounts sharing calendar issue

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Our tenant has 2 domains that we use.  Call them domain1 and domain2.  Everybody has an account in domain1.  A subset of these same people have an account in domain2.  I have a user that belongs to this subset with a calendar issue.


If this user opens his calendar and creates an invite, he must send that invite from his domain1 account.  That is, if he clicks the "From" button on the invite he only has his domian1 account available.  This means that the meeting he is sending the invite from only shows up on his domain1 calendar.  Now, if he goes into his email (this is all being done in the Outlook client, not the web interface), he can in fact create an email and click the "From" button and select that email either come from his account in domain1 or domain2.  Now the problem is he ends up having to manage 2 calendars.  Also, people he has shared his calendar with are not seeing meetings as they may only look at one calendar or the other.


He only has a basic license attached to his domain2 account, and a standard license attached to his domain1 account, if that means anything.


I'm considering just deleting his domain1 account as he doesn't use it much, but that brings up other issues.  Is that my only recourse?

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