Unable to deploy SPFX field customizer to all sites automatically

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I have developed one SPFX field customizer solution to customize field value in library. I would like to deploy this solution automatically on all sites of site collection. I tried it by using SkipFeatureDeployment option to true but it is not installing on all sites.


Need help to deploy Spfx field customizer solution to be install on all sites automatically in site collection. Manually it is working fine.



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hi, could you provide a bit more detail. What does it mean that SkipFeatureDeployment option was set to true? Does it mean that it was set to true in package-solution.json?
I think that might not be enough and in order to deploy filed customizer across tenant best would be to use PnP Powershell and the fallowing comand:
Add-PnPApp -Path .\pathToYourSpfxFieldCustomizer.sppkg -Publish -SkipFeatureDeployment
I hope this will be of any help :)