Phone Call Link in SharePoint View/Column Formatting

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Does anyone know of a way (or a workaround) to get tel:123-456-7890 links working in view/column formatting?


This would be very helpful for showing contact links with "click to call" on mobile. 

It already works for "mailto" links, but "tel" links are not working. 



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@Mike Hatheway @Chris Kent sounds like something that could be solved using a list formatter. Do you have any pointers that could help Mike?

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@waldek@Mike Hatheway Unfortunately, no. In List Formatting, link protocols are whitelisted and only http, https, mailto, and relative links (start with /) are allowed. All other href values won't be rendered. :sad:

Thanks @Chris Kent 

If anyone sees this change, please let me know.

I have a client that loves this "mobile card view" we built for thier contacts, but "phone" links would take it to the next level.