How to set new column under special rule for a share point list?

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Now i need to set a new column for a list and it need to be set under special rule.

The rule is combine strings from other column, like this "deptA+date+001" the last three bits need to add automatically when new item have been created.   001, 002, 003 ......  It will help us to statistic how many items during period for each department.

It maybe like this:

New column                                   dept           date              

deptA20211028001                       deptA     20211028

deptB20211028001                       deptB     20211028

deptA20211028002                       deptA     20211028

deptA20211028003                       deptA      20211028



The dept is get from department column and date is get from request data column.

How to configure the new column in the share point list?


Thank you very much in advance:)

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