Hiding the SharePoint App Bar when embedding

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Does anyone know if you can hide the new SharePoint App bar (global nav) with a URL query param when embedding?

I've tried:




which work in some instances, but not everywhere (e.g., List forms like newform.aspx, and most _layout pages I have checked).


Example: [tenant].sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?view=14&env=Embedded

That gets rid of alomost everything except the App bar. 

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"?env=Embedded" seems to be working on system and form pages to hide the SP App bar now.
Does ?env=Embedded is showing on page load briefly the controls before it hides them? I've noticed it since early this week. It was fine before.

@panggio I have seen it do that lately. It seems like it's just some pages though. 

?env=WebViewList seems to be working OK for page embeds with Library parts.
Thanks! That works much better than Embedded now.