SharePoint Framework Community Call Recording – 8th of April, 2021

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SharePoint Framework bi-weekly community call recording from April 8th is now available from the Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel at You can use SharePoint Framework for building solutions for Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and for SharePoint Online.



Call summary:

Preview the new Microsoft 365 Extensibility look book gallery – cross platform extensibility.  Update on upcoming SharePoint Framework v1.12.1 features, preview, beta and release.  Register now for April trainings on Sharing-is-caring.  Latest project updates include:  PnPjs Client-Side Libraries v2.4.0 release scheduled for April 9, and please provide feedback on v3.0 Hub planning and discussion issues posted - issue #1636 by April 15thCLI for Microsoft 365 Beta v3.9 delivered.   Reusable SPFx React Controls – v2.6.0 and v3.0.0 (on hold for SPFx v1.12.1) and Reusable SPFx React Property Controls – v2.5.0 and v3.0.0 (on hold for SPFx v1.12.1).   PnP SPFx Generator v1.16.0 (Angular 11 supported), PnP Modern Search v3.19 to be released shortly and v4.1.0 released March 20th.     There were eight PnP SPFx web part samples delivered last 2 weeks.  Great work!    The host of this call is Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) @mediocrebowler.  Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.








  1. Teams Meeting Questionnaire App with SharePoint Framework – The Questionnaire Pre-meeting app allows Microsoft Teams meeting attendees to ask questions related to meeting before meeting starts.  SPFx v1.12 provides support for Microsoft Teams meeting apps development, this web part.   Operationally – in calendar create meeting, then add Meeting Questionnaire tab to meeting.  Questionnaire is tied to a single SharePoint list that organizes questions by Meeting ID.   Sample in PnP Samples repository.

  2. Building an advanced SPFx Image Editor web part - This solution contains an SPFx web part - a browser-based HTML Image Editor that uses canvas and Office UI Fabric.  Use File Picker component to select image and manipulate it – Resize, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Scale, Filter (Grayscale / Sepia), Redo / Undo, History of Actions.  Web part created initially to pick files from a custom external data source.  Sample is in Sample Gallery.

  3. Viva Connections Desktop and Extensibility - Microsoft Viva is a suite of products.  Viva Connections is an integrated experience with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint backed by Microsoft security, privacy, and compliance.  Viva Connections is extensible – use out of the box web parts or create custom web parts and extensions based on requirements.  You ultimately determine what capabilities to make available in the Viva Connections UX.  The journey – a phased rollout of capabilities Worldwide over the next 6 months. Currently available Viva Connections Desktop is just a start on this journey.


SPFx extension samples:  (

SPFx web part samples:  (

As is the case this week, samples are often showcased in Demos.  Thank you for your great work.


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PnP SharePoint Framework Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted at anyone who is interested in the JavaScript-based development towards Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and also on-premises. SIG calls are used for the following objectives.

  • SharePoint Framework engineering update from Microsoft
  • Talk about PnP JavaScript Core libraries
  • Office 365 CLI Updates
  • SPFx reusable controls
  • PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Share code samples and best practices
  • Possible engineering asks for the field - input, feedback, and suggestions
  • Cover any open questions on the client-side development
  • Demonstrate SharePoint Framework in practice in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint context
  • You can download a recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion!

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