Microsoft 365 PnP Community Spotlight: Wictor Wilén

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Which community project do you maintain? 

yo teams 


How does it help people?  

 yo teams helps developers kickstart their Teams extensibility projects by providing an easy way to create the first Teams App all the way to scaffolding a solution that can be deployed, scaled and maintained. 


What have you been working on lately? 

 yo teams is continuously evolving based on feedback and real-world feedback and experience from the community. As of lately we've been focused on making it easier and faster to create a project and at the same keep a high level of flexibility for those developers who wants to control and manage everything themselves.  


What do you do at work? 

I'm the global innovation lead for Modern Workplace at Avanade 


Why are you a part of the M365 community? 

Because I learn new stuff all the time - the benefits of a community is the diversity of different voices and opinions. This eventually makes me become better in what I do, and I hope that others learn from what I do. 


What was you first community contribution? 

My first true open source community contribution was in the form of a web part for SharePoint 2007/WSS 3.0, called the ChartPart 


One tip for someone who’d like to start contributing 

Just do it. You never know what you might learn and  who you might learn to know. ​ 

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